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Frequently Asked Questions

Bowl Fresh Blue is a slow dissolving in-tank toilet bowl cleaner that fights hard water stains and leaves a blue tint in the bowl water.

Bowl Fresh Blue contains detergents that help dissolve and repel naturally occurring minerals to prevent buildup that causes stains the toilet bowl every time you flush the toilet.

Hard water refers to water that contains high levels of calcium, magnesium and other dissolved minerals. Look for brown stains, black stains, water spots, and crusty build up on fixtures; ring in the toilet, clean clothes look dingy or discolored.

For best results, clean toilet bowl thoroughly. Open the package and take out one tablet. Remove lid from toilet tank and flush. When water is low, drop tablet into right corner of toilet tank away from valve and float assembly. Do not flush for 20 minutes so that the tablet can adhere to bottom of tank. When the water is no longer blue, simply add another Bowl Fresh Automatic Bowl Cleaner.

Bowl Fresh should last approximately 30 days. The life of the product can be affected by: water temperature, chlorine level in the water, fill velocity in the tank, very turbulent refill cycle or very soft water.

Yes, Ty-D-Bowl is safe to use around children and pets. It is phosphate-free and safe for plumbing and septic systems.

Yes, Ty-D-Bol is safe to use with bleach or cleaners.

Our laboratory has suggested that there is a possibility that the stains are caused by hard water salts, which have been dyed by our product. The following procedure is recommended: Put two to four ounces of liquid bleach in the toilet tank and the toilet bowl. Let stand for approximately 15 minutes. Remove hard water salts by brushing vigorously. Flush the toilet. If stains persist, repeat the process.

Bowl Fresh Blue contains a water-soluble dye. The stained area should be blotted with water. It the stain does not come out, we recommend steam cleaning.

Bowl Fresh Bleach plus Blue is a slow dissolving in-tank toilet bowl cleaner that contains oxygen bleach for brightening and detergents that fight hard water stains. Also leaves a blue tint in the bowl water.

These products are generally not harmful once diluted in toilet bowl water but could cause minor stomach upset. Bacterial related gastrointestinal problems could occur from drinking stagnant toilet bowl water so it is not recommended that dogs drink toilet bowl water with or without Bowl Fresh Blue in the flush water.

Bowl Fresh Cleaners contain surfactants, borax and dye that prevent stains from forming and are used inside the toilet tank. Bowl Fresh Deodorizers hang on the rim of the toilet seat and help keep the bathroom smelling fresh.

Bowl Fresh Gel is a deodorizer active by air that hangs on the rim of the toilet seat to reduce odors in the toilet bowl.

Bowl Fresh Plus is a detergent block used in flush toilets designed to slowly dissolve in water. As water passed through the plastic holder, cleaning detergents are released into the bowl.