Bowl Fresh Automatic Cleaner

Bowl Fresh Automatic Cleaner

Cleans, deodorizes and leaves bowl water with a blue tint after each flush. Helps eliminate inorganic soil, and stains caused by uric acid salts and hard water. The container is designed to fit inside toilets with tanks and ideal for low flow toilets.

  • Cleans & Deodorizes
  • Fights Stains Caused by Hard Water
  • Continuous Blue Water
  • Ideal for use in Water Saver Toilets
  • Safe for Plumbing and Septic Systems


For best results clean toilet bowl thoroughly with a toilet brush. Flush toilet, when water level is low place jar inside tank as shown (cap up) in the right back of the tank. TO REMOVE: When water is no longer blue, flush toilet and remove the jar upside down. Allow water to drain and discard the jar in a plastic trash bag.

Bowl Fresh In-Tank Toilet Bowl Cleaners inactivate minerals in hard water so the ingredients can loosen, disperse and suspend soils for removal. Use in toilets that are flushed on a regular basis or at least once per day.